One person might be an outlier. Two are an oddity, but three signify a trend, and four herald a new standard.

“What are you talking about, Steve?”

Only the possibility that we may actually be living in the last few moments of the webcam’s long and, let’s face it, rather undistinguished life.

I’ve just started using something that seems to be completely serious about making live video look NOTHING like webcam and way more like a movie.

All for the price of…a webcam.

This isn’t about “big boy” livestreaming. It’s about simplicity, quality, leverage and connection, qualities I’m happy to gift to my business.

I don’t sell this technology. I’m just a big fan. But I also feel duty-bound to at least bring it to your attention.

In any case, what simpler way to inspire your business this Thanksgiving week?

You can learn more about the technology here.

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    • Sue Holdren


    • Wiz Withers

      Hi, Steven! I noticed in some parts of your video, the sound got a little out of sync with the video (your lips lagged behind your powerful words!).

      Is that a function of running live camera feed through the dongle? Or was that fallout from teh recording process?



      • Steven Washer

        Hi Wiz! Nice to see you. It’s the recording process. Zoom records at 25fps, and no US camera outputs that.

        • Wiz Withers

          That’s what I thought – thanks for confirming!

        • Prema Qadir

          Is there a “fix” for that? Or do you hafta live with audio out-of-sync?

          • Steven Washer

            This isn’t about recording video. It’s about LIVE video. When you record in the camera there is no out-of-sync issue. When you are live there is no out-of-sync issue. It’s only when you mix them that this happens.

    • Paul Houle

      Nice Post Steven,.

      These have been a game changer for me but they were hard to get a hold of a few months back.

      I have been using two of these with my present live streaming set up (OBS into ZOOM). One with my GoPro Hero 4 ( always works great) and for a while I was using one with my now slightly dated Canon T5i Rebel. I stopped using it with that Canon because the camera kept shutting off after 30 minutes (despite me having disabled the auto shut off). I have not sound a way to stop that from happening. Any advice?

      • Paul Houle

        Oops…meant to say “found a way” . Thanks

        • Steven Washer

          This is not about recording using the camera. Record using your streaming software and you shouldn’t have any problems with the camera turning itself off.

    • Steve

      Thanks Steve. During the pandemic I shifted from a Logitech C920 webcam to a Sony a5100 DSLR with a generic cam link at around $20 versus the cost of the ElGato camlink. Fo you know if they are basically the same or is the ElGato worth the extra $?

      • Steven Washer

        I can’t say about the generic cam link, but doubtless now that this technology is out there, the innovation will be fierce!

    • Jeff

      Hi Steve, I had seen that Elgato camlink 4K advertised before when I was looking at their other product called streamdeck – video switcher aimed at gaming. Did not really pay attention to what camlink is, but now I get it.

      Do you think it will work or have any advantages to using an iPhone with a lightning to HDMI adapter and then running it through the Elgato cam link 4K to use an iPhone as a 4K WebCam?


      • Steven Washer

        Intriguing thought. Technically it should just be a pass-through signal, though I can’t say for sure. The thing is, I would never do it because the benefits do not greatly outweigh the webcam. With good lighting and sound, the two technologies are fairly comparable once compression and bandwidth are added. The real gain comes when you have a decent lens at one end of this parade. Add a great lens to the iPhone and we’ll talk…

        • Jeff

          Thanks Steve. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

          Sounds like $199 for the Logitech Brio may be a better way to get 4K Webcam quality.

          I already have a good “Zoom Studio” setup in my home office with a 5 x 7 collapsible green screen, compact key and fill LED panels and two small softboxes to evenly light the small green screen.

          Using Zoom’s built-in virtual background feature with a well-lit green screen and good subject lighting to avoid shadows on my face, eliminates my need for a good lens that can do bokeh on my actual background (and I can select alternative background images that add to the message/relevance of the video).

          Now, just have to start cranking out the videos… planned as my December holiday project!

          Happy Holidays Steve,


      Great Video Steve! I saw a review comparing the Elgato and the MavisLink, which BTW is only $26 CND. I ordered it the other day and will let you know how it works with my Canon M50. Here is the Amazon link and NO – it’s not an affiliate link

      • Steven Washer

        Very interesting! As mentioned above, now that the tech is out there, the innovation is going to be massive, and the price is right on your find. Let us know how it goes.

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