There is no one single point of leverage in this work that you could call a magic bullet.

But there are a few that, for the right people, will make a huge difference in how they come across on camera.

This is one of them. It might be hard to believe this tiny tip could be so effective, but it is.

Try it now. You’ll see and feel the difference right away.

    6 replies to "A Novel Tip For Being On-Camera"

    • Jeremy Latham

      It’s a really good point, well made Steve. Many of us have had experience of speaking at conferences etc, where we are standing at a lectern, looking up and out at an audience. In this setting, it’s natural to raise one’s chin, in order to project the voice. It’s hard to unlearn this when presenting to camera, but it definitely makes a difference. What advice do you give to those of us who might be blessed with more than one chin?!

      • Steven Washer

        I could have added that keeping your chin down reduces the number of chins that are visible if you’ve lit your scene well. 🙂

    • Jon S Powell

      Great point Steve – I think I need to redo some videos

    • Rose Winebrenner

      A very helpful tip, Steven. Will put it into practice starting today. Thank you.

    • Nancy Aborn Wuennemann

      Wonderful explanation how such a simple tweak can make all of the difference!
      Thank you, Steve!

    • Zane Myers

      Thanks Steve. As always great stuff!

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