Whether you run a multi-million dollar brand or a kitchen table company, getting started with video is a challenge.

One of them is deciding what to make videos about. Actually, that’s the main challenge. Everything hangs on that decision; what you build, what you write and how long those videos will be.

So this isn’t the only consideration, but it’s one of the most important.

Give yourself some leeway to make mistakes that don’t wreck you, subject choices that don’t sink you and calls to action that aren’t heard, by making those videos shorter and less complex.

Your learning curve will flatten, your engagement will move higher, and your results will flow.

Here are 6 not-often-considered reasons to start small and beautiful.

For more information on these kinds of video, check out The Video Selling Machine.

    2 replies to "6 Strategic Advantages of Short Video"

    • Jay Creighton

      Hello Steve: I feel like you wrote and recorded this particular video with me in mind. Thank you and I’ll speak to you soon, during our regular meeting. Anyway, I’m back to working on my One-Three minute video but wanted to view your video of today to get me started. Thanks again, Steve, for making a wonderful point about using shorter videos to build an audience and THEN spend more time on the longer videos. Jay Creighton

    • Earl J (Maui Boy)

      Aloha Steve…
      Yet another superb short video that will have me contemplating my navel for hours… (sigh)
      You are the master, no doubt.
      Thanks for leaving these little tidbits along the trail toward complete success in all our online video endeavors;
      you are the authority, for sure… visible or NOT… (wink)
      * * *
      Until that time. . .

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