If being on camera doesn’t feel as good to you as you think it should, it may be because you’re moving too fast. It’s possible you haven’t given yourself the time to get ready.

Here’s what to do well before, and well into your videos; a strategy set that should be easy to remember, easy to do, and devastatingly effective in the doing.

I hope you enjoy this lesson in video charisma.


    18 replies to "3 Ways To Be Your Best Self on Camera"

    • Dr Jason Price

      Great summary and easy-to-follow steps in this video Steve.

      As always, really helpful for both practical tips and building people’s confidence in their video performance.

    • Alfred

      Thank you.

      I enjoyed this.


    • Peter Defty

      Thanks again Steve!

    • Peter Defty

      BTW, I did go to Catholic school and the nuns really would do that if necessary…..fortunately the fear of that or worse made it so just a stone faced look from a Penguin would correct our bad behavior!

      • Steven Washer

        As long as you have your excellent posture now, right? 🙂

    • Bhavesh Naik

      Great tips, Stevie… I mean Steve! I have a question about those movie clips tou use in your videos. Do you cut them from the movies? How do I use them without getting a call from those the who own the rights to Clear and Present Danger?

      • Steven Washer

        A few seconds at a time is OK. They don’t care about that. In fact, I once heard that 8 seconds is some kind of cut-off, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in that. However, if you use a whole scene, you might well need to get permission.

    • Mia Doucet

      “Smiling more than once a month makes (men) feel like a phony.” Laugh out loud funny!

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Mia! We’ll be here all week. Try the halibut.

    • Meral

      Another great lesson.

    • Simon

      Thank you Steven-your videos are so helpful

    • Kevin Foster

      As always, an excellent lesson with great tips! I love your video presence. I aspire to do as good as you on video. Thanks.

    • sharon

      you are just too cool 🙂

    • Greg Ricca

      “Spirt of Generosity and Love”. Steve, above all, this is clearly your mindset. Thank You So Much. We need more people like you. Also thank you for your excellent teaching.

    • Terry McAuliffe

      Thank you.
      I am working on a promotional video for my town and appreciate every one of your lessons.

    • Vickie wilder

      I wish I was as relaxed as you on camera you do great videos

    • Manny

      Hi Steven, I’ve been a YouTube subscriber for a couple years now. Your videos are so inspirational. I really appreciate you taking the time to help others out there. It definitely brings a lot of value to me. Thank you.

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