We’re having a contest. The best tip on video wins. That means the videos are judged both on the quality of the video, and the usability of the tip itself.

I was inspired to make a video about it as well!

Just put it on YouTube and the best tip wins a spot in our weekly broadcast.

The grand prize will include a one hour strategy session with yours truly; a Kodak Zi10, for videotaping all your tips in the future, whenever you happen to think of them; the posting of your tip to my audience and a full scholarship to the new version of SellOnSite which begins January 11, 2012.

Entry Rules:
1. Entries are to be posted to YouTube by December 5.
2. The winners will be announced on December 12.
3. The video needs to be 5 minutes or under.
4. The format can be anything.
5. When you’re ready, email the link to your YouTube video to steve@brainyvideo.com

Entries will be judged on overall video quality and quality of the content, particularly on how to use your solution. The more realistically actionable the steps, the higher the entry moves up the ladder.

Enjoy making your video. And for extra help in getting started, check out some of the 5 ebooks and the new quick-start guide available to you for subscribing to the free BrainyVideo broadcast.

    4 replies to "The BrainyVideo Tip Contest!"

    • The Stepmom Coach

      What a great idea Steve. A perfect way to motivate us (meaning me) into doing what I’ve said I’d do but, well there always seems to be something in the way.
      Look for me soon.


      • Steve

        I will, Claudette. Good luck!

    • Lauren

      True to your reputation, this is an awesome idea! I must tell you that your kind and peaceful demeanor encourages me to open up and be myself. Thank you!
      I do have one question for you. How do you know when I post to YouTube??

      Just had to ask.

      High respect and much appreciation,

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