We live in an ADD world by design. Social media is, for the most part, built to both accommodate and exacerbate our natural tendency to flit from one idea to the next. So how do you both capture attention AND interest in ideas that take more than 3 seconds to explain?

It’s really about your relationship to video. Once you know that, then the 4 part harmony that is video becomes yours to leverage.

All that in barely 3 minutes? Well, we do live in an ADD world…

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    • Randal

      Steve, Steve, Steve… sorry, got distracted for a couple minutes. Did you spend some time in the Caribbean recently or is your lighting a bit “off”. Guess I’ll have to re-watch the video and see if I can catch your message this time 🙂

      • Steven Washer

        Tip for the day: YouTube always darkens your video. Sometimes I forget that.

    • Ronald Ross

      Good one. Meant for me. I’m about to record 26 short videos for my soon-to-be-published “Legacy Story Course.” An older audience is expected – less fluff – more stuff in bite-sized portions gently given.

      • Steven Washer

        Sounds wonderful…editing for time is an amazing exercise in getting insights about your topic.

    • Jeremy Latham

      Thanks for these pearls Steve. My piano teacher tells me always to slow down when practicing. One must focus on technique, precision and the sound that is created. Does it match what we expect to hear? If not, slow down and fix it! Easier said than done, but it does build confidence. It’s the same with using video to get across the message that we want people to hear. Slowing down the conversation makes a lot of sense.

      • Steven Washer

        That’s certainly true when it comes learning. And let’s not overlook the obvious…video itself will slow down the rush to nowhere!

    • Consuelo

      Hi Steve.
      Just got it, you are so right it is hard to slow down when the world around us is moving so fast, But to learn to be good we need to learn from a mentor Coach with your experience.
      Thank you

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