If you’re kind of making it in the business world, but your heart is in the arts, don’t despair. There is an answer.

You just have to be looking in the right place.

There’s magic when you do.

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    • Jerry King

      I publish a YouTube channel, not for monetary purposes, but for informational purposes dedicated to people diagnosed with a rare skeletal muscle disease called Inclusion Body Myositis, or better known as IBM. I tried to convey the best practices I have learned for other people with this disease. This condition is very rare to the point that most doctors know little, if anything about this disease. My channel is based on living with this slow progress of disease since the early 2000’s, and I’m almost to the quadriplegic -like stage and can barely operate the computer mouse. The 90+ episodes that I have published in five years have garnered over 1100 subscribers, but my “YouTube reach rate” seems low as only 20% of the people that watch my videos have subscribed to my channel. I always announce each episode on IBM related Facebook sites upon release, which could be part of the problem as most don’t need to be notified by email through YouTube if they see the announcement their Facebook groups.
      What is the best way to increase subscribers among viewers on a low-expected subscription educational subject matter?

      • Steven Washer

        First of all, my heart goes out to you and all who suffer from this rare disorder. What you’re doing is brave in publishing about it.

        Because it’s rare, your followers might be scattered to the winds. So be everywhere they are with some form of those videos, or even an image ad where you could gain subscribers for a dollar or so.

        So I would look at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and all the other new social sites like Parler, Rumble, NewTube and Gab, among others.

        So try syndicating your videos. There are free tools that will send them out with one click, like Hootsuite.

        All you need are more people coming to watch for the first time. Just give yourself a chance to have that happen and best of luck!

    • Mike R


      It’s Wednesday, nice to see you!

      Once again thank you. I haven’t used the word wholeness to describe the alignment of aptitude, interests, and experience to a chosen vocation. The term was more like strategic alignment.

      Your term “Wholeness” has more of the zen-like quality of the synergy that is created when your superpowers can be applied directly to the problem at hand.

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