How to Become a Visible Authority

Here is where business owners learn how to use video to become the trusted advisor for those people they can help. 

This work pulls together a unique set of skills in video production, being on camera, writing and selling. It’s for the ones who want to do the work, and let those attracted to that work find them.

That person will then be taught how to create a path of attraction for prospective clients, allowing them to put persuasion and coercion in their rear-view mirror.

Not everyone comes to this work from the same place. So I have different ways of getting there depending on where someone is coming from.

At the links below you’ll discover what this approach could look like in your business.

Selling Without Persuasion

The surprisingly simple skill that allows you to create engagement on camera. 

That makes an impact on the right people. 

Stop pushing and start allowing others to sell themselves on you.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle

Very small group bi-weekly lessons and live help on everything from lead magnets to on-camera performance;
from technical skills like lighting, shooting and audio, to copywriting and content marketing.

Members craft their personal sales and marketing approach using the Hands-Off Selling System.

Maybe that's why they stay for years at a time.

The Studio Set-Up Project

For small to medium-sized businesses with above average commitment and resources,
who are ready to engage their audience.

Over a 4 week period, all technical hurdles to production, like the many issues involved with shooting perfect green screen, are removed, and users enjoy complete mastery over the system that powers their shooting environment.

The Visible Authority Partnership

For the business owner ready to create a video-based platform to
attract more of the right kind of business.

This unique partnership combines done-for-you and done-with-you to insure that the platform remains powerfully and uniquely yours.

Got Questions to Discuss?

I set aside a few times each week to speak to those who wish to discuss how the program could work in their world. If you would like one of those spots, grab one at the link below.