Why Do the Gurus Keep
Teaching Things That Don't Work?

Using Video? Here is How You Become the Obvious Choice For Future Clients and Customers.

Have You Seen Enough Persuasion
to Last You a Lifetime?

Discover something better...something that will make you unstoppable.

The problem with persuasion is that it starts from a faulty premise: that your prospect is your adversary. No one even questions this. They may even be shocked when someone says it out loud, but inside, they know it's true. They've seen the tactics. They've studied them. They've had them used on them countless times.

It happens hundreds of times a day.

So to even think you could succeed without persuasion may sound mad. But what is truly mad is running toward the cliff at breakneck speed, knowing your persuasion tactics are about to stop working just when you need them.

Such is the fate of tactics that come with expiration dates.

Are you ready to learn some timeless techniques instead? 


Helping Experts Become Visible Authorities

My name is Steve. I've been helping people master and magnify their visibility through video for 10 years. We include the technology, the content, being on-camera, and most of all, the energy they broadcast.

Because visible results always begin with the invisible.

When You Are Perceived as an Authority Selling Is Taken Off the Table

Everyone wants to make a killing, so they find it hard to let go of all the slimy sales tactics that work for a few minutes, but end up failing at the precise time you need them to kill. 

And there's a reason for that!

But these persuasion thingies are what the gurus insist you must learn, because they're teaching these tactics or at least in the case of the biggest ones, demonstrating them on you.

In the end, none of them work for longer than you can keep yourself hyped up or your audience looking in the wrong direction while you do your trick.

How long have you been suffering with this condition, thinking it was just one of those things you had to deal with, like Chronic Arthritis? However long, has it been long enough?

Can doing this crazy stuff possibly be what you were brought here to do? I say no. And my job is simply to reveal a new world of possibility; the world you WERE brought here to create.

Today we have the tools that make it easier than ever. But as in every age, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to seeing possibility for ourselves.

So I've created a course that's based on the selling framework my business has used for the last 6 years. I created it because I could no longer make myself follow the guru commandments. 

In the beginning I had my doubts. But this sort of beautiful non-linear attraction model creates a relationship where selling comes off the table. Selling is done, of course. Just not by me or in some horrific encounter with the "sales team". Instead, a client sells themselves and we go to work.

The solution to your marketing model is already inside you. This course will help you see that and then let it out. 

Take a moment and let yourself contemplate the following...

It's a Journey.  It's Also a Destination.

Here's what you'll accomplish in this course.


Stand out from "competitors" as only your personality on video can allow.


Promises made and kept through video seem to carry more clout.


This is the natural result of removing "static" from the line.


In our system we replace persuasion thinking with attraction thinking. It takes a little time to set up, but it works better in the long run. 


What drives you to help and what you are attracted to creates an inner knowing that you have focused and developed. That's confidence enough.


With authority in place, even complex sales can happen without your direct inputs. Just attract them, give them the info, and let them buy.

Overview of the Course

Here's a high level look at what you'll accomplish...on your timetable


You discover your best
broadcast energy.


You translate that energy
into a selling emotion.


You choose a counter-emotion
for your audience.

The Role

Your energy and emotion are wrapped in a selling Role for "instant-on" work.

The Action

You learn how to supercharge your selling emotion with infectious energy.


You select a setup that is easy to manage and easy to repeat.

How All This Works - The Run Up

Selling on video is an inside job

You begin by looking at the flavor of energy you are broadcasting to the world. The great majority of people are sending out a signal of need; most without even realizing it. Need is not attractive. 

Change that signal even once, and your world begins to shift from the inside out. 

Why? Because it changes everything about the way you create content, send it out, respond to it and deal with clients, potential or otherwise.

There is a signal in you that's been at least partially under cover. Let it out and the fun begins.

Your Selling Emotion

You have one, and you may be surprised to know that it's not what you think it is. We mostly have this idea that you have to be Robin Williams on steroids to be heard. But only he did, God rest his soul. Your selling emotion is the one that feels the most like you when you're at your best.

When you know that you can now turn your attention to your audience.

The Counter Emotion

Your ideal client is waiting for a solution, but not patiently. Hence the counter-emotion. Here you'll figure out yours.


Like high-octane fuel for your on-camera work, Actions insure that your energy gets past the lens, all the way to the heart of your audience. Most videos simply don't. Or they reach an audience they weren't looking for.


The stories you tell, the metaphors, fables, case studies, observations and lessons you have to share; all are best when they're thought out in advance. 

It amazes me when the same people who prepare for 3 months to give a speech, spend all their time fiddling with the technology instead, just because they're making a video. As if speaking to thousands of people isn't as important as speaking to dozens. Where do you think that ends? 

And speaking of which...


For so many reasons it's important to have a setup that's quick and easy for you to access and get operational in about a minute. And it has to give you the quality necessary to connect without static. The course will give you that as well.

Features of the Program

What do you get in this self-paced course? What's the deal?

The Video Training

Dozens of videos walk you through each process and shooting exercise. 

The 24/7 Forum

Anytime you have a question, you'll get an answer from me, not a bot.

The Webinars

Monthly webinars touch on every part of the system, for as long as I'm around.

Forever Access

Your membership never expires and any new content is yours free. 

Bottom Line:
If you're not afraid to get on video
I can show you how to change your world.

I’m dedicated to offering the tools that solve common problems that visible authorities in-waiting struggle with in their quest to infuse a memorable message into their markets. 

Selling Without Persuasion is one of those foundational tools for anyone who wants to do a deep dive into their value and then communicate that to the world on a systematic basis.

Is it easy? Well, it’s not that hard.

Is it cheap? Is any kind of true value in business cheap? I’ve carefully spent over $100,000 on my own education since leaving graduate school. And it’s been more than worth it.

This, too, will be worth what you pay for it, as our clients will attest.

What People Say

(These refer to more than one of my programs)

Chris Haroun - Haroun Ventures

Tammy Kabell - Career Resume Consulting

Mastering video is essential when you are trying to build relationships across the web. 

And Steve at Visible Authority is an expert at teaching you what to do - and encouraging you to do it. 

It's made a tremendous difference for me.

Vernon Riley

Smart Marketing Reports

I receive direction from Steve not only on improving my videos but also (and this is BIG) support and direction to improve my business.

It's personal and geared to me. As a result, I can apply what I'm learning.

Carol Chapman

Carol Chapman Live

The Visible Authority is a uniquely interesting source of video application information creatively blended with actionable business and marketing ideas.

Steve's professional approach has provided an important boost to our business planning and has prompted meaningful adjustments to our development programs.

The Visible Authority keeps delivering an unequaled series of business and insightful personal interconnections that we truly value.

Richard Mowrey

The Merger Mentor

Working with Steve is like a breath of fresh air. He’s a font of knowledge and I’ve learned skills in scripting, editing, lighting, green screen and camera presence.

As a result, since I started Steve’s program I’ve produced 156, 3 to 5 minute videos, many of which have had thousands of views on LinkedIn (our primary market) as well as Facebook and Youtube.

I now have a production line which produces a video a week. The videos attract prospects into our orbit. 

So if you want to move into creating videos for your business and feel stuck, I really recommend you reach out to Steve and get his help. He is very patient and generous with his knowledge and time. 

Trust me, you won’t look back.

Rashid Kotwal

Revealed Resources

Take advantage of this timely opportunity to create a new sales pipeline based on bringing your best to your best audience.

Selling Without Persuasion




Beyond what you pay, success comes at a cost. There will likely be setbacks along the way. This seems to be natural whenever you decide to change a long-standing habit. But as anyone who's kicked smoking or lost a lot of weight will tell you, it was worth the internal struggle. And as Muhammed Ali said, do what you want to do because it's going to become a habit anyway.

The following is also true. When you embody the energy you'll discover in this program, it immunizes you against the pressures to conform, which is where almost all this pain comes from in the first place! 

And frankly, none of what I'm going to be showing you is THAT hard. Actually, most of it is fun. 

If you have any questions, just drop a line to steve@visibleauthority.com and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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