The Visible Authority Partnership Program

How to Work With Me

Sometimes people see courses here and wonder if there is a faster way to get the results they want.

Sometimes they see some of my videos and ask if I can help them create something like that.

For Business Owners Who Want to Excel With Video Now
I Created the Visible Authority Partnership Program

In this program we work closely together to create two outcomes that will fuel your business:

  1. Your video content becomes the jewel in the crown of your marketing.

  2. We run a unique system of client attraction that has been built only for you.

For most people this is a journey, though it might begin differently for everyone.

For some, it might mean getting right into learning some new equipment.

For others it might be scriptwriting or their on-camera persona.

Others are ready to go right into the attraction pipeline with various forms of advertising.

For everyone though, it’s about speed and results.

This is what I do. I have a unique set of skills that allow me to see into and help demonstrate someone's "magic trick", the thing they do with seemingly no effort; the thing that makes them utterly unique and valuable to the right people. And all of that gets built into the DNA of your brand.

Plainly, you get all of me working toward your goals.

The program consists of two equally important elements.

  1. Four monthly Zoom check-ins with unlimited email support between.
  2. I do the work necessary to move you forward, whether designing an ad or editing a video. Often it begins by creating the "bible" of your series; writing style, production format, branding elements, still graphics, music, motion graphics and text. It nearly always involves working out a client attraction system designed to build your list and fill your "waiting room" with those eager to get started.

What's your role? Simply to inspire great content and shoot video. Both help make this system authentically you.

If your market is image-sensitive and you typically experience a high ROI, then working one-on-one may be the right way to go. It will certainly be the the most direct.

As to how things are structured, it’s a simple program with no proposals; just a single monthly member fee.

It’s $3,000 per month.

The terms are as simple:

The program renews each month. There are no contracts, no minimums, no “lock-in”. You stay in only as long as you feel you're receiving value far in excess of the membership fee.

All I ask is 48 hours notice when you feel it is time to move on.

Due to the customized nature and workload involved on this side, there are a maximum of 4 spots open at any time.

If the link below is active, you may enroll in the Visible Authority Partnership Program.

If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a call, and we'll discover if this process is the right match for your goals.


Jaime Miller - English Success Academy

Bill Baren - Bill Baren Coaching

  • Name
    - Working with Steve is like a breath of fresh air. He’s a font of knowledge and I’ve learned skills in scripting, editing, lighting, green screen and camera presence.

    As a result in the 9 months since I started Steve’s program, I’ve produced 46, 3 to 5 minute videos, many of which have had thousands of views on LinkedIn (our primary market) as well as Facebook and Youtube.

    I now have a production line which produces a video a week. The videos attract prospects into our orbit. So if you want to move into creating videos for your business and feel stuck, I really recommend you reach out to Steve and get his help. He is very patient and generous with his knowledge and time. Trust me, you won’t look back.

    Rashid Kotwal - Revealed Resources

Shama Kern - Thai Healing Massage

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    - Mastering video is essential when you are trying to build relationships across the web. And Steve at Visible Authority is an expert at teaching you what to do - and encouraging you to do it. It's made a tremendous difference for me.

    Vernon Riley - Smart Marketing Reports
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    - The Visible Authority is a uniquely interesting source of video application information creatively blended with actionable business and marketing ideas.

    Steve’s professional approach has provided an important boost to our business planning and has prompted meaningful adjustments to our development programs.

    The Visible Authority keeps delivering an unequaled series of business and insightful personal interconnections that we truly value.

    Richard Mowrey - The Merger Mentor