how to solve the one problem that creates every frustration you experience shooting video

If there's one thing that affects the quality of your video more than anything else, it’s how well you set up the studio in which you create it.

The ones who get this right will win. They will make stronger connections, in greater quantity, more quickly, than anyone else.

But building a video studio that works for you can be tricky if you don’t already have it in place. You don’t want your videos to look like hasty home-made Tik-Tok pieces when your goal is to grow credibility and trust.

The ones who get this right will win, if only because face-to-face meetings are becoming so rare.

What you need…what every serious business owner needs… is something I call “The Perfect Video Studio.” I call it perfect because it’s created with your custom situation in mind. It’s perfect…for you.

With a “perfect” video studio, your videos will get better. Your production will get faster. And your journey to “done” will be shorter than ever.

Who wouldn't want that?


Imagine an end to production roadblocks. In fact, imagine the
production timeline reduced by a factor of 50.

Spend 5 minutes in the studio instead of 2 hours or more!
Create perfect green screen footage without a care. 
Get your scripts word-perfect with masterful teleprompter technique
End the endless re-takes and re-shoots
Move quickly from idea to execution  
Become CONSISTENT in your producing, thus multiplying your influence.  


My name is Steven Washer. For the last 10 years I've been serving business owners who want to transform what they know and what they can do into a thriving online business…I work with the people who want to do that using the power of video.

To help them accomplish this, I've created a number of online courses. Our latest has over 60,000 students and is the highest-rated video production course on Udemy. I tell you this to make it clear: I take my work/mission/calling/weird job very seriously.

So why not just take a course about video? Couldn’t that help you build a perfect video studio?

The goal of building a perfect video studio is to get one that’s a perfect fit for you. It takes into consideration who you are, the way you speak, the way you express your ideas and the position you want to take in the marketplace.

Online courses can tell you how to do things, but they aren’t always so effective at telling YOU, in your unique situation, what is best to do.

Which means that for many, a course isn't the answer. More knowledge isn't going to help you.

At this level, it's about using video to its greatest effect within the situation you’re in...


  "It’s not the time it takes to take the take that takes time.
It’s the time it takes between the take that takes the time."

- R. Schneider

The Terms of the Engagement are Simple

Over the span of four weeks, we work together to build a video studio that’s perfect for you and your situation. During that time, we'll make all the right choices of equipment, software and the expertise you’ll need to use them to establish a rapid shooting protocol. 

(Just to be clear, you’re gonna buy the stuff and I’m gonna bring the smarts.)

How the Process Works:

I’ll want to speak with you twice during the first week for about 50 minutes each.

On the first call, we'll talk about what you've been doing, your current situation, and the tools you have to work with.

On the second call, I'll make some recommendations for you to carry out before our next weekly call.

On the last 2 calls, we'll set everything up, keep you making progress and do some test shoots to make sure we're getting it all right.

In between we'll use email to handle any issues or questions.

When our work is done, you won't be a video professional, but you will darn sure look like one.

(See? I told you it was simple)

Many of the video problems you see “out in the wild,” problems that business owners struggle with over and over aren’t REALLY the actual problem. They are symptoms of the problem. 

The real problem is caused by a video studio that wasn’t setup in the right way.

This can lead to a lot of wasted time, wasted money and a boatload of frustration. You end up thinking it’s you, but it’s not. It’s the studio.

If you’re looking for help building your very own Perfect Video Studio, then consider this your invitation to reserve one of the available slots.

The price for the entire engagement is $2,995.00. We can usually start within a week, sometimes sooner if you're on a tight timeline.

If this sounds like a good fit, send me a question (steve@visibleauthority.com) or sign up for a brief conversation. We'll figure out what this project will look like for you.

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